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Tenders and Requests for Proposals

[26 May 2015]




There are currently no open public Invitations to Tender or Requests For Proposals.


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Request For Proposals for Airborne Strategic Intelligence and Reconnaissance services

(Airborne remote sensing services)




Proposals closed at 13:00 AEST (1:00 pm) on Tuesday 26 May 2015.


This process invited proposals from high quality organisations for the provision of specialised airborne remote sensing services, primarily for geo-location and mapping of fire and other emergency events. These services are required to provide quality, geo-rectified imagery (actual or derived) of fires and other emergencies in near-real-time over relatively broad geographic areas. The services require delivery of suitable imagery, data and metadata into fire and emergency agency information systems in near-real-time. To provide the required productivity, and the required spatial and temporal flexibility, it is envisaged that the primary remote sensing platform for each service will be an IFR capable, crewed, fixed-wing aircraft, although alternative approaches to delivery of the services may be considered, in particular to provide supplementary or reserve capacity.

Proposal invitation documents remain available at the RFP ASIR 2015+ web page: click here




Tenders closed at 13:00 AEST (1:00 pm) on Tuesday 14 April 2015.


In this tender NAFC invited experienced, capable, high quality organisations to tender for the provision of rotary wing aircraft services.

The aircraft services are required to support agencies involved in managing bushfires and other emergencies. Many of the aircraft services required will also support planned burning and other land and resource management activities. Most of the services will require the delivery of specialist, precision tasks such as, for example, firebombing, rappelling and incendiary dropping. Some services require the gathering of intelligence for incident management using specialist equipment.


Tender documents will remain available at the ITT AFS 2015+ web page, click here.





Please watch this space for advice regarding upcoming tenders and RFPs.





All public approaches to market by NAFC will be advertised on this page and in “The Australian” newspaper.

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Please also note that from time to time NAFC may invite tenders from a limited group of potential suppliers. Although we will publicly advertise tenders whenever possible, there may be circumstances (such as urgency, for example) where a limited tender is the only practical approach. Where this occurs, initial communication with potential tenderers will be by email. Documents for these tenders will not normally be available on this website.



Please note that NAFC has moved all public procurement processes to a web-based electronic tendering system – the NAFC Electronic Tender Portal (NETP). You will need to register on the system in order to access full documentation, to receive notification of updates and addenda for advertised tenders and to submit a tender or proposal. Details of how to register are published in the “How to Respond” guides that accompany each invitation.

Submitting a tender or proposal normally involves registering on the NETP, downloading template documents, completing these documents and then uploading them back to the NETP. Respondents will usually need access to Microsoft Word and Excel, running under Microsoft Windows, to complete a response.

If you are considering submitting a tender or proposal, make sure that you carefully examine the relevant “How to Respond” guide. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to register and submit your tender or proposal before the relevant closing time/date.


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Future specfications

From time to time NAFC develops and publishes documents to provides advice regarding, or to seek feedback on, planned future contract specifications. NAFC welcomes your feedback on contract specifications. When available, consultation documents will be published here.

There are no documents currently available, but please check back here regularly.



Past Tenders and RFPs

We normally post details of previous tender processes here for a period of time after they close, so that the information can still be viewed for reference purposes.


RFP AFAMS 2014 Request For Proposals for Data Handling Services is now closed


RFP AFAMS 2014 invited proposals for the provision of Data Handling Services to support AFAMS – the Australian Fire Aircraft Monitoring System for aircraft tracking, event logging and messaging.


In short, the Data Handling Services required covered the receiving, processing, storage and distribution of aircraft tracking and other data.


AFAMS provides overall functionality similar to systems often referred to as “AFF” or Automated Flight Following.


Proposals for RFP AFAMS 2014 closed on Thursday 25 September 2014.


The Request For Proposals documents remain available on the RFP AFAMS 2014 web page for reference purposes.


ITT AFS 2014+ Invitation to Tender for Aerial Firefighting Services for 2014 onwards is now closed.


ITT AFS 2014+ invited tenders to supply a number of Type 4 fixed-wing firebombing services and a number of conventional fixed-wing air attack supervision / reconnaissance services. These services are intended to be based in Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania, Australia.


Tenders for ITT AFS 2014+ closed on 03 June 2014.


The tender documents remain available on the ITT AFS 2014+ web page for reference purposes.


RFP LAS 2013 Request for Proposals for the supply of Large Airtanker Services has closed.


RFP LAS 2013 invited proposals for the supply of Large fixed wing Airtanker Services to support bushfire control in Australia from 2013-14 and onwards (“RFP LAS 2013”).


For this RFP, a “Large Airtanker” is a fixed wing aircraft that can deliver at least 5000 litres of fire retardant to a bushfire. Self-filling or scooping aircraft were included.


The RFP also required respondents to propose suitable supervision aircraft.

The RFP has now closed however the RFP documents remain available, for reference, on the RFP LAS 2013 page of this website. Click here to go directly to the RFP LAS 2013 page.