NAFC Invitation To Tender for Aerial Firefighting Services 2019+

This Invitation to Tender seeks tenders from suitably organisations for the provision of aviation services to support the control of bushfires and management of other emergencies across Australia. Successful tenderers will be experienced, highly motivated, highly capable providers who will enter into contracts to provide specialised aircraft services commencing in 2019 (for the 2019/2020 fire season). Tenders are invited for specific classes of Fixed Wing (in Victoria) and Rotary Wing (in the Northern Territory) Aircraft Services.


Tender documents are available from the NAFC Electronic Tender Portal (Tenderlink).

These include:

  • Invitation To Tender (ITT) document
  • Appendix 1: the Table of Services available for tender
  • Appendix 2: How to Use NAFC’s Electronic Tender Portal (TenderLink)
  • Appendix 3: How to Use NAFC’s ARENA system
  • NAFC Specimen Contract on which to base tenders

The NAFC Standards and Guidance Notes quoted in the ITT are available at the Standards page of the NAFC website. (Click on the Information tab above and select Standards or click here to go directly to the Standards page.)


For convenience, copies of the following tender documents are also available for download:


Tenders can be submitted any time up to February 28th, 2019.
To submit a tender visit the NAFC Electronic Tender Portal (TenderLink)


Further enquiries regarding the content of the Invitation to Tender and the Specimen Contract should be directed to NAFC via email to

For probity and fairness reasons NAFC may not be able to deal with telephone enquiries regarding this tender.