National Large Air Tanker, Large Airtanker and Supervision Aircraft Services (ITT NLAT 2022+)


Tender closes 13:00 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (1:00pm) on Wednesday 16 March 2022

This Invitation to Tender (ITT) invites proposals from suitable organisations for the provision of the services of large Fixed Wing airtanker(s) and Supervision Aircraft to assist with control of bushfires and management of other emergencies across Australia. Successful Tenderers will be experienced, highly motivated, highly capable providers who will enter into a contract to provide specialised aircraft services commencing in 2022, for the 2022-23 fire season and onwards.

For this ITT, the term Large Airtankers (LAT) refers to fixed wing aircraft capable of delivering at least 6,813 litres of Fire Suppressant or Fire Retardant to a bushfire in a single load. This includes categories of aircraft that may be known as Type 1 Airtankers, Type 2 Airtankers, Multi-Engine Airtankers, Large Airtankers and Very Large Airtankers as described in NAFC Standard PR-002: Categorisation of Fixed-Wing Aircraft for Firebombing. Amphibious airtankers capable of self-filling through scooping or skimming may be proposed provided they are also capable and efficient as land-based airtankers ground filling with retardant slurry. 

This ITT also invites proposals for the provision of associated supervision aircraft, including the optional provision of associated supervision aircraft by the LAT provider.

In general terms, this ITT invites proposals for the supply of one or both Services:

  • one LAT (and optional supervision aircraft) to be nationally available, for approximately August to April in each year of a two-year contract with two optional one-year extensions
  • one LAT (and optional supervision aircraft) to be available at Busselton, WA, for approximately 90 days in each year of a three-year Contract, with two optional one-year extensions.

Note: Proposals cannot be accepted after the closing time.


This ITT comprises several documents:

Invitation to Tender for Large Airtanker Services 2022 Onwards, including:

    • Appendix 1: Table of Services
    • Appendix 2: Response form Format
    • Appendix 3: How to use ARENA

Large Airtanker Services Supplementary Requirements

Response forms available through ARENA including the Scenario

The Specimen Contract, including Schedules. Tenderers should note that this is not the Specimen Contract version applicable to Call When Needed processes

All files above are available in the following zip package:

ITT LAT 2022+ document pack (zip file)

All relevant NAFC Standards and Guidance Notes (available at information > standards)

Glossary (available at information > standards)