NAFC COVID Information

Aerial Firefighting will be impacted by the nation’s response to COVID-19. NAFC seeks to provide information and assistance to its members, their agencies and the aircraft operators to enable efficient and timely provision of aviation resources for emergency response.

Attention operators
Important actions to complete to enable operators to provide reliable and efficient aerial firefighting:
1. Ensure your COVIDSafe plan into ARENA.
2. Ensure your aircraft, business and personnel information is updated in ARENA.
3. Lodge requests with each individual agency for permission to enter the country and/or cross state and territory borders. Lodgment requires providing supporting documentation, such as COVIDSafe plan. NAFC advises not to leave this until the last minute because the time to approval by the relevant Federal/state/territory agencies may be constrained by the volume of applications.

For enquiries relating to Covid-19, please email

NAFC COVID documents
Available to download here or in ARENA:

Further information regarding COVID-19 is available in the ARENA Bookshelf under the COVID-19 Category. For enquiries relating to COVID-19 please email:

Other Resources
This information has been provided for the purpose of sharing relevant information as it comes to hand. Please refer to the following links for further information:

CASA website: COVID-19 advice for industry page:

Visit the below websites to learn more about current travel restrictions: